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06 April, 2009

Innocence Turned Deadly

Interview with Robert Duncan O’Finioan, Project Talent, Project Phoenix, and the Ultimate Warrior Project survivor

Q. Explain "Anger" please.
A: A lot of guys who came out of these black projects nearly lost their minds when their memories began to return. Some even took their own lives. In a big way, my anger kept me going.

Q. Are you worried it may have any consequences to your life now?
A: Not so much from Innocence anymore. There have been a few people with like experiences who have told their stories also. The second, that's a whole different ball-game.

Q. Can you tell us about your upcoming book?
A: "Deadly Awakening" This book will tell my entire life's story. Starting with "Project Talent", Project Phoenix, and the Ultimate Warrior Project. It will tell about me getting my memories back. It will tell about the way my body was changed, enhanced, implanted..and tortured to the point of death.

Q. How was your life growing up?
A: I only remember bits and pieces of growing up as a child. What I do remember though was not a pleasant experience. In the memories I have regained I was always away from home being taught how to us my paranormal talents. Later, the heavy duty Martial arts training started.

Q. How much do you remember about your past, & how does it affect you now?
A: I remember a little more each day. Thanks to some really wonderful friends I have. I admit I had a tough time dealing with it for a while. Kind of felt like I was two people. One of the hardest things was the headaches and nose bleeds. Each time I remembered something I would go down with headaches. I learned to push through them. I would say the part that blew me away was realizing that I had paranormal gifts. That I can throw energy, remote view etc. That was a little tough to deal with at first.

Q. What are your paranormal talents in full?
A: Actually, I'm still finding out about them. I can remote view, see through over peoples eyes, and read the thoughts of others. But I think the biggest is my ability to throw energy, to actually knock someone down without touching them. Like I said, I'm finding out things about myself everyday.

Q. What can you recall of the treatments/exercises they placed you through?
A: Oh man, I could go on for hours with this. I can remember being a small boy, maybe eight or nine years old, being "pushed" to control things with my mind, to move things, find things.

I do know/remember being tortured to the point of death. I had heavy duty combat training, especially with weapons, guns. I was trained to kill a man with my hands before I was eleven years old. When under hypnosis I can speak many different languages.

Q. What else have you found out under hypnosis? And have you gone through any treatments?
A: I found that I have the ability to kill with just a thought. I found that I know how to "shield" myself, and others, from attack. That my right arm is hardwired, and that if needed, I can do some very amazing things with it.

I have had no treatments. But, two sessions where we were trying to find some answers.

Q. What government projects do you recall?
A: Project Talent, Project Phoenix, and the Ultimate Warrior Project.

Q. What did these projects consist of? What were their uses?
A: Project Talent- the finding and testing of children for high paranormal abilities. They found me in 1966, when I was six years old.

Project Phoenix- hit teams, the training of people to be assassins.

Ultimate Warrior Project- The super solider, of which I am one. We were made to be the ultimate physical weapon.

Q. What are your future plans?
A: I would like to recover all my memories, good or bad. Just to live a productive life. I would like to teach martial arts again.

Q. Do you have any words for our viewers?
A: Always seek the truth!

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