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29 April, 2009


Swine Flu Pandemic ...
NEPTUNE-CHIRON-JUPITER conjunction in Aquarius

By Francis Donald Grabau

Hi folks,

Time for another positive, happy, fun-filled chat with Uncle Donald! Here's my personal contribution to the Swine Flu hysteria being carefully instigated by whom? For what reasons? Cui bono? I'm not sending you this because I think you'll like it or like me for sending it but because it's important and real. No, I do not subscribe to the simulated FRENZY with which this crap is being hyped, nor am I personall suffering from a "negative" state of mind, nor am I trying to stir in any of you either frenzy or negativity. Take a Rorschach test, look into your tea leaves, consult the ink blots in the skies!

I consider this a calmly urgent and cosmically humorous chat over coffe and a buttered, honeyed bagel.....

Below you see the transits for Washington DC for May 27th 2009 coming right up. The triple conjunction of Neptune with Chiron and Jupiter may be the triggering device for bioterror events -specifically government originated and executed pandemics. The current deliberately hyped scare over Swine Flu may climax in a few weeks time into a sad example of what I've been repeatedly writing about as a possibility in various articles on my website.

It is a physical/physiological expression of what I've been calling in recent articles the Obama-Neptune Trance state of media engineered consciousness in the USA and globally. (
It's CONTAGION, a favorite theme of the forces embodied in the planet Neptune which forces may also be used to camouflage or deceive, and it's my opinion (though certainly not only my personal opinion) that the Swine Flu is a clearly designed biowarfare weapon of the kind I've been "seeing" might be deliberately released upon Americans who, may I remind you, are currently living in an America under a Pisces Sun ruled by Neptune. That indicates, as I keep emphasizing, that we are entering into a stage of "karmic payback" (I don't subscribe to 'karma' either and I dislike the word 'payback') as well as a collective state of mind inclined to be escapist, spaced-out, and avoidance oriented. It's Pisces, kids, the sign of self-victimization achieved by following escapism and trance as a way of life.

(If you think this kind of thought is "conspiracy theory" please investigate for yourself ...I've given links with which to begin your search below. And for further understanding of what it means that the USA is now a Pisces Nation go here: )

Funny phrase that, "search below" points to healthy introspection, self-examination... an increasingly rare tactical skill among brainwashed Americans. We suffer from an inability together with a flat-out refusal to face up to our collective guilt as a People willingly under the control of the Empire called America which is a literally CRIMINAL STATE. We support this Empire's crimes by burying our head in the sand and escaping into our EXCLUSIVELY personal lives because we don't want to identify with American Crimes and we don't want to be "negative". DUH!!!!

The notion of "guilt" has become so anathema to Americans that one wonders not at all why Obama, for instance, avoids the much needed prosecution and trial of our National War Criminals such as X-President Bush, X-Vice President Cheney, Alberto Gonzales etc. using that all pervasive NEGATIVE NEPTUNE AVOIDANCE called ...let's look ahead, move on, we have "important" things to do ... none of this namby-pamby "looking backwards" stuff! Congress, the President and all the major Corporate Media in America tout this line of thinking ... be "dynamic" look ahead "positively" to the future ... "NO BLAME" ...we don't play the "Blame Game". Well, I'm sorry, despite all my ranting against the psychological sickness of Christian Guilt as a control tactic central to Capitalism's survival I think it's more than obvious that there is such a thing as healthy and legitimate GUILT and we as Americans stand GUILTY before the whole of Nature, Humanity, and the Earth herself for leading the way into the Nuclear Age of trashing humanity and all life on this planet since the close of WWII ...we were NOT the "Saviours" of "Western Civilization" during that war and we have done nothing but kill, poison, steal, and rape other countries, other human beings and all of Nature since that time. Now that is something to sink our legitimately GUILTY TEETH into because it's real, it's FACT and it ain't gonna go away anytime soon no matter how deeply we bury our heads in the sand.

What sand? (I read a scientific study recently pointing out that the apparently beautiful sands of 'paradise' tropical islands all over the South Pacific are actually riddled with nano-particles of non-biodegradable PLASTIC among other things -the South Pacific of Rogers & Hammerstein fame is where we detonated so many of our Super Hydrogen Bombs! Some Enchanted Evening!!!)

Seriously, I've placed a lot of links here which, if you follow them, will help to flesh out what I'm saying. And whether this round of what's being called the "Swine Flu" turns out to be the almost inevitable PANDEMIC of US INSTIGATED BIO-WARFARE (or another round comes later) we are in great danger of precisely this kind of attack and must come to grips with that. Wishing it were not so or that it will "go away" if we don't think about it is negative Neptune-Pisces evasion. One must ask oneself WHY the UN, World Health Organization, and Euro-American Governments keep hyping these FLU WARNINGS and Terrorist Warnings ... just what bio-engineered viruses they INTEND to vaccinate the general public with. WHY they keep trying to induce MASS FEAR and PSYCHOSIS in the Public Sector ... all this is spearheaded by the United States currently undergoing a massive NEPTUNE delusional psychosis.

These currently transiting planets (Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune) may be the trigger used to implement increasingly more alarming warnings and even, finally, actual execution of enforced vaccination of the People with deathly vaccines because they are ALL conjunct the Natal USA Moon, and Jupiter is EXPANDING the Chiron wounded-healer issue in the Aquarian Air sign of GLOBAL COMMUNITY along with Neptunian contagion-oneness on that USA MOON. So, do yourself a favor and take a look.

Neptune is very slow moving, today it rests at 26 degrees and 14 minutes of Aquarius whereas the Natal USA MOON of the Masses as the People is found at 27 degrees and 13 minutes of Aquarius. Neptune has, in other words, entered within one degree of conjunction/union with the USA MOON meaning our Neptune evasiveness is IN OUR FACE as INDIVIDUALS within a Nation and collectively as a People of this Nation. We have, as a People, a very worrisome and wrong-headed relationship with NEPTUNE in Virgo at our Nation's founding because it is SQUARE to our Natal MARS in Gemini and if that square says anything at all it says that we actively, aggresively pursue NEGATIVE NEPTUNE EVASIVENESS in our 9th house moral/ethical actions. We are most adept at MASKING our real MOTIVES from ourselves. NO MORE can this game continue since transiting NEPTUNE with a roughly 164 year cycle of movement through the zodiacal signs is gathering us ALL up in it's MISTY CLOUD while PLUTO with an even longer cycle of 245 years is returning to its position at America's birth and currently OPPOSING our Natal VENUS. Do you get this?

Look, NEPTUNE is the "higher octave" of VENUS. While VENUS is PERSONAL one-on-one love/money/beauty/harmony our truly spiritual and highly imaginative friend NEPTUNE is TRANSPERSONAL (as its higher octave) and demands INCLUSION OF ALL ... ALL love/money/beauty/harmony. So, while it's always essential for each of us to know that love begins at home, that we must try to look after our own money situation etc. NEPTUNE demands -it doesn't politely ask -it DEMANDS that we understand we are (each one of us) part of the ALL and must look at the bigger, collective picture. COLLECTIVE issues are upon us ... we must think in GROUP/SPECIES terms now ... it takes precedence over our personal issues. Tent City America. Widespread and rapidly growing Homelessness.

Exact dates of NEPTUNE conjuncting USA NATAL MOON: 1) March 15, 2010; 2) August 23, 2010; 3) January 16, 2011. Look at these dates not as appointment times on a clock but as symbolical moments spread over a two year period of time beginning NOW.


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"The Shadow Government of America pursues its ruinous goals not just by employing the obvious weapons of war associated with Mars, but also by using the contorted sexual energy (think Abu Ghraib) which characteristically arises from it when its direct action is repressed, blocked, or psychologically denied. Under such circumstances the frustrated thrust and drive of Mars easily turns "kinky". Our National Retrograde Mars energy in natally stressful square aspect to dispersive NEPTUNE becomes especially susceptible to use in acts of biological warfare because under such conditions its actions incline to the infectious, -to the vague, cloudy, unseen and dispersive realm of Neptune. Release of toxins in chemtrails, release of viruses or radiation across the countryside or in heavily populated American cities fits very neatly into the picture of MARS square NEPTUNE. Aggression as nebulous dispersive contagion. The Federal Reserve's paper money is actually filthy lucre crawling with diseased bacteria and laced with traces of the shadow government's favored drug: cocaine.

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  1. The hype and fear appears to be more lethal than the threat.