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18 April, 2009

A Gnostic View Of The 21st Century

By Francis Donald Grabau

Francisco Goya

Whatever became of Jose Maria Escriva and Opus Dei, you ask, isn’t that the supposed subject of this writing? Well, yes, but neither Mister Escriva nor his foundling, Opus Dei, exist in a vacuum. I’ve dubbed him a ‘Fascist Saint for the 21st Century’ and I will argue that both he and his organization are nearly perfect examples of what we are going to witness as the death throes of negative Saturn within the human psyche while this century unfolds. So we must spend a while longer looking at the chart for the century, discovering the kernel of its hundred year long pattern before we can place Escriva or Opus Dei within that pattern. Saturn, we will find, is pivotal to all this work but so is the Moon, the Queen of Heaven. Remember, if you will, that Saturn and the Moon figuratively oppose one another throughout the century just as they do at the century’s birth, and we are examining the moment of that birth through its natal chart.

Time is in love with Eternity, and together they act in mutual bliss. Of course, the false Archon of Saturn in the guise of the Greek, Chronos, wants to hide that reality from us, wants to keep us marching along the measured line of causal reality even though that line of chronological time ultimately turns into circles, gears, and clocks imprisoning us in the fear of death and the pain of suffering. But every Planet has its masking Archon seeking to distort its force, so do asteroids and even moons. Indeed, the very living zodiac of signs shines through the obscuring veils of the Archons. As Jesus and Plato both said, we ‘see now through a glass darkly’, yet we may find our other being face to face in the Light of Conscious Awareness.

As the 21st Century opened the Moon was in Scorpio and only 35 minutes of a degree away from exact opposition to Saturn in Taurus. We can understand this as the Wisdom of the Queen of Heaven opposing the Authority of the Patriarchal God. We can see it as the ebb and flow of feeling opposing the focused confines of ‘logical’ reason. Mary, the Mother of Jesus opposing his Father God. Wisdom opposing the ‘Logos’ word of the Law.

There are a myriad of facets to this opposition between the Moon and Saturn but they are the warp and woof of a single weaving for their cycles closely mirror each other; the Moon requires 28+ days to travel round the zodiac of signs just once, while Saturn takes 29+ years to do the same. It’s a question of form relating to change, of structure to content. But always, when the Moon stands in full opposition to Saturn, she stands on her own Authority and faces her equal. Feeling has its own form, gravity is the centering of movement. And in the Century’s chart this dance between Moon and Saturn enlivens the fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus implying a need on the part of humans to move carefully in balance between the waters and the continents, between the flowingly invisible (Scorpio) and the physically substantial (Taurus). Mystery, intrigue, and the possibility for transformation characterize this opposition which warns us of the danger of repressed feelings and intuitions constrained by laws.

Mother Moon faces off with Father Time. In Roman Catholic terms, it’s ‘Holy Mother Church’ in opposition to ‘Il Papa’, the Pope. In every organized religion it’s the feeling and soul of the religion (Moon) opposing the laws and dogmas of that religion (Saturn). And especially in America, where the Moon in Scorpio occupies the Nation’s 2nd House (of wealth, taxation revenues, banks and commerce) her opposition to Saturn in Taurus in the 8th House (of corporations, interest rates, birth-mortality rates, and the National debt) warns of a slowdown followed by a nearly complete cessation to the flow of money and goods. Commerce coming close to a total halt, mortgage and interest rates frozen, debts coming due.

These financial and physical challenges are integrally bound up with religions due to the fact of the Moon being in practical and productive sextile relationship to both Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius while also opposed to Saturn authority which is simultaneously in quincunx relationship to the Pluto/Chiron combined forces in religion prone Sagittarius. In this 21st Century, therefore, money, land rights, and all forms of government and commerce around the planet are especially subject to, and pointedly influenced by the teachings, rules, and dogmas of various religious/philosophical belief systems.

Capitalism, if one looks at its philosophical presumptions, is a direct result and logical outcome of Hierarchical Christianity and its simplistic concepts of good and bad. God rewards the good and punishes the bad according to the Christian mythos, so the good are rich and the bad are poor. Since all Christians are born in sin and need to be redeemed it’s easy to see why most people are bound to be poor. Only the forgiveness of the Jesus Corporation via God’s Holy Bank can make you rich. Most ‘poor sinners’ are poor because they’re just 'lazy, unrepentant, weak, and bad.'

To be ‘born again’ is to get a good credit rating and hold a Gold Master Card. To be simple, humble persons imitating Christ it’s best that the masses should actually go barefoot (‘on credit’) as He did and figuratively ride around on donkeys ending their earthly days happy to be crucified. Sin is big business yielding superior profits for investors in Christian Capitalism. Guilt, suffering, and starvation wages go hand in hand with praying for the Redeemer to come again, clear up the books, and set things straight. Armageddon is the settling of all accounts. Cheating, lying, and waging War is the single most profitable and blessed activity to be found at the heart of Corporate Christian Capitalism which is based upon trading and profiting in the wages of death and sin.

All this is clearly visible in the 21st Century retrograde position of false Saturn/Yahweh in the sign of Taurus goods and money quincunx to both Pluto and Chiron in the Religious/Philosophical sign of Sagittarius. Only the Moon, the Wisdom of deep feeling found in Scorpio opposes the Patriarchal authority of the Saturn/Yahweh ‘God’ reflecting his own fear based greed straight back to him. Telling him it’s poisonous. Lethal.

But the Moon is also Mistress of the Waters, and everywhere around the globe the people of Earth will be increasingly impacted throughout the coming century by the secret controls imposed by Saturn Authority figures on the flow of sacred, life giving and potable water. Scorpio as the sign of poisons, attempts to remove toxic impurities from the body …in this case, the toxic pollution of the waters flowing in, around, and through the body of the Earth. The false Saturn Authorities entrenched in their retrograde stance within 8th House Corporations will stand ignorantly blind and opposed to these needed cleansings, they will hold on stubbornly (Taurus) to their established practices of radically polluting land, sea, sky and earth in their greed for profits.

They will stand in challenge to the Century’s Lunar Nodal Axis which marks the Past (Aquarius South Node) and the Future (Leo North Node) declaring a ‘crisis’ over the ‘fate of the earth’. They will cultivate fear in the feelings of the world’s masses (Moon) and promote their falsely created but self-fulfilling Saturn agenda of scarcity and absolute control. All natural land, air, and water ‘resources’ will be controlled through increasingly stricter laws enforced by the mouthing of capitalistic religious precepts.

In their vile work they will be assisted by traditional churchmen, mosquemen, stupamen and templemen. Their own greed masking (especially to themselves) their unconscious death wishes will let loose upon the Earth their religious henchmen, the notorious ‘Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse’ who will, in turn, be used to release their masters’ genetically designed plagues upon humanity. The heartless Masters will keep their antidotes for themselves and for the select ‘few’ they have chosen to seed their ‘New World Order’. Many of the innocent and good will be slaughtered before enough people are able to shake off their numbed conditioning and fight back to defend their rights.

The dumbly religious will accept their ‘Holocaust-Armageddon’ conditioning and meekly wind their way into the slaughter like pure victims imitating their Corporately designed and packaged Saviour who (they were taught to believe) died on the cross for their sins. The pearly white teeth in the jaws of Moloch will grind them to extinction and they will become the new fodder for the heavenly fields of the fake Jesus, the phony Buddha, the insatiable Allah. Thus will the Age of Pisces Faith terminate, and the Fishermen rot in the polluted seas with their much sought after but thoroughly toxic fish. This is the sickly vision of Yaldaboath, the false Archon masking Saturn who mocks the law of Spirit, the sympathetic relatedness that is Love. And all the while, the Moon as Queen of Heaven, as Fatima, as Shekinah, as Sophia -as every Mother on the planet will watch her sick and dying children and weep. Or, perhaps She will fight back with Her stirring ‘Vagina Monologues’.

The future need not be this bleak if we as humans would embrace the opposition between the Moon and Saturn and resolve it within ourselves. It’s the opposition between the flow of feeling and the responsibility of authority. When each of us is ready to accept our feeling relationship (Moon) to all of Life and act responsibly (Saturn) on that feeling relationship we immediately attune ourselves to real authority (Saturn) because we no longer seek to make anyone or anything outside ourselves responsible for our own decisions.

We realize our innate ability to be centered within the whole and are at once Holy.

We escape the clutches of the ignorant Archon Yahweh/Yaldaboath and cease to imitate its arrogant, separatist ignorance.

We no longer bounce back and forth between a good god (elation) and an evil satan (depression) for we recognize these polarities within ourselves and get them together in our embrace.

We give birth to our feeling selves (Moon) and finally acknowledge our own responsible authority (Saturn).

We define (Saturn) our soul (Moon) and are able to walk in the light of Spirit (Sun). We must dial up and tune into our feeling intuitions through the Moon for, as the Korean video artist Nam June Paik so beautifully demonstrated, “Moon is the oldest TV set.”

(originally posted to the web on June 26, 2006)

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