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06 April, 2009

Rig the Game

In the extravagant 2003 movie "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" the CIA agent played by Johnny Depp relates: "Wanna know the secret to winning? Creative sportsmanship. In other words one has to rig the game."

The 2008 Presidential election was a rigged event, just like all the other previous ones since at least 1916. The central bankers allow the besotted masses to vote, letting them believe they have some power by "choosing" some approved marionette. The 2008 Vice-Presidential "Debate" of Oct. 2 was moderated by Gwen Ifill, the PBS newscaster and author of the book: "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama." The book was begun in the spring of 2007, before Mr. Obama even defeated Hillary Clinton in the primaries and over a year prior to the presidential election. The book also had a pre-election release date of Jan. 20, 2009--Inauguration Day.

These peculiar facts expose a foreknowledge of the outcome of the election. It would be naive to think Ms. Ifill is going to spend time producing a serious book about "the Age of Obama" while not being apprised in advance by the CIA/CFR that he's going to win.

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  1. The illusion of democracy is that the people choose their leaders, whereas in reality most of their prominent visible leaders are pre-chosen for them by an oligarchical cabal which rules behind their two-party facade.