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15 April, 2009

Rethink Afghanistan

What is REALLY bringing down the economy?

$185 billion already spent on the War in Afghanistan.

For what?

Cost of War, part 3 of the Rethink Afghanistan documentary by Brave New, delves into the financial costs of this broadening war.

As we pay our tax bills, it seems an appropriate time to urge everyone to Rethink Afghanistan, a war that currently costs over $2 billion a month but hasn't made us any safer. Everyone has a friend or relative who just lost a job. Do we really want to spend over $1 trillion on another war? Everyone knows someone who has lost their home. Do we really want spend our tax dollars on a war that could last a decade or more?

or see all three videos here:

1 comment:

  1. The mass media trained the dumb herd to hate Bush and the Iraq/Afghan war and now to love B.O. and the Afghan war. Orwellian "doublethink".