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20 April, 2009

Obama aids in cover-up of 9-11

According to the New York Times today, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times in one month. However, the CIA agents who did this will not be prosecuted.

According to Barack O’Bomber, "Nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past” - preferring to move beyond "a dark and painful chapter in our history."

This is "cover-up" language plain and simple.

How is this all related to 9-11 you might ask?

According to my interview with David Ray Griffin in the current issue of Paranoia, “Almost everything the 9-11 Commission published in their official report about Osama bin Laden’s responsibility for the attacks is supported in the notes section by a three-word phrase, “interrogation of KSM.” This means that KSM was effectively a blank slate, on which the Commission or the CIA behind it could write anything they wished. We have no way of knowing whether KSM said any of these things (or, if he did, whether he was tortured until he said what his interrogators wanted).”

Thus, anyone with a logical bone in his or her body can follow the trail of this massive 9-11 cover-up to its conclusion. If KSM was tortured near death into taking any responsibility for 9-11, then the 9-11 Commission Report on which it is based is FALSE, and Obama is obstructing justice and aiding in the cover-up.

Care to argue that point?

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