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29 April, 2009

Stories of the Plague (Pt.2)

Part Two – Stories of the Plague

The stories emerging from Mexico begin to resemble the plot of Resident Evil or 28 Days. Reports are being posted to the Internet from Mexico City’s Miguel Hidalgo District claiming that there have been “many deaths” from the virus – mainly drug users with compromised immune systems – in some of the large housing projects. Other bewildered citizens now wonder why the government has not published the names of the deceased, or photos of the bereaved, leading them to suspect the government is involved in some sort of deceptive activity aimed at hiding both the magnitude of the situation and its own incompetence.

It would appear, according to information received, that even the city’s posh Lomas de Chapultepec area is feeling the contagion’s effects. This business district, normally a hive of activity, has fallen silent as employers have ordered workers to perform their duties by phone and remain in touch with their superiors for an eventual return to their cubicles.

Social injustice has displayed itself in its full array of ugliness: Tamiflu and other antibiotics are completely unavailable in the public health system, but those have the five hundred odd Pesos in their pockets can apparently purchase a Tamiflu injection from private hospitals, causing some to ask where the private health care system obtained the medication. Are corrupt elements in the Secretariat of Health selling antibiotics to the private hospitals?

But the virus has not limited itself to the great Aztec capital. The state of Guanajuato is now reporting outbreaks in its main cities. Hundreds can be seen in the city of Irapuato walking around with their mouths covered. Six outbreaks have been reported in San Luis Colorado (Sonora) and residents of the state of Nuevo Leon are making no secret of their displeasure at being unable to find antivirals or surgical masks anywhere.

Early reports suggest that the focus of the H1N1 outbreak is a farm known as “Granjas Caroll” in La Gloria, Municipality of Perote, in Veracruz. Five hundred out of a total population of 3000 have been affected by the flu since March 20th of this year. Granjas Carroll (owned by Smithfield Foods) produces over a million pigs a year, which results in an overwhelming number of flies in the region, and the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social declared at this point that these flies had been the original “biological vector” for the virus. This information as featured in one of the state’s major newspapers, and people are beginning to wonder why no deaths appear to be occuring in cases outside Mexico.

A detail that is perhaps more alarming – if possible – than the widespread confusion is the claim that unknown aircraft have been seen spraying substances over the city. This situation, reminiscent of the “chemtrails” on our side of the border.

Conspiracy Theories

Interestingly enough, the Latin American press is beginning to stress the “chemical warfare” nature of the H1N1 virus (the same strain that occurred during 1918’s Spanish Influenza).A Nicaraguan radio station – “La Primerisima” (The Foremost) – has suggested the possibility of complicity by Gilead Laboratories, which created Tamiflu. The Nicaraguan station suggests that the swine flu outbreak “probably crafted in U.S. military laboratories” has swept all discussions of CIA torture memos and other affairs from the table. It cites the work of journalist Fernando Velázquez, who argues that the CIA unleashed a strain of African swine flu in Cuba in 1971, forcing the Castro government to slaughter half a million pigs. This journalist apparently blames the dengue fever epidemic of the early ‘80s on a similar deliberate action, resulting in well over a quarter million deaths.

A report from “AZTEK

We had a chance to interview another source in Mexico – who goes by the name AZTEK --ask a few questions about how the situation is being experienced "on the ground":

Aztek, are people seriously beginning to discuss the swine flu virus as an artificial phenomenon?

Yes indeed, given the combination of three different components -- the bird, swine and human flu elements, which would hardly occur in nature.

Do you think the situation will lead to mass panic?

This is likely. It can be seen as part of a cleverly orchestrated plan to control populations in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico and above all, reduce world population to a controllable, more readily manageable level. It's part of a plan leading to a military takeover in all three countries as a result of the emergency, repealing individual rights and national assemblies. The result: swift integration of the North American Union with the Amero as its currency.

If we are truly dealing with an artificial virus, who benefits?

It's a lab-created virus, according to my sources. Who benefits? The New World Order, the Illuminati, and even [reptilian non-humans]. The world stage is being set for an invasion.

Is the Mexican government showing signs of losing its grip on the situation?

It would appear so, but no one is saying that information is being controlled.

How will it all end?

It won't end. This is only the start of a well-orchestrated plan. This is only the first stage of the plan.

(to be continued)

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