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02 April, 2009

Financial Fools Day! Eat the Bankers!

Eat the Bankers! Somebody else has got the right idea! Did they get it here? Could be!

Protesters Clash With Police at Bank of England

London - Chanting G-20 protesters clashed with riot police in central London on Wednesday, overwhelming police lines, vandalizing the Bank of England and smashing windows at the Royal Bank of Scotland. An effigy of a banker was set ablaze, drawing cheers.

More than 30 people were arrested after some 4,000 anarchists, anti-capitalists, environmentalists and others clogged London's financial district for what demonstrators branded "Financial Fool's Day." The protests were called ahead of Thursday's Group of 20 summit of world leaders, who hope to take concrete steps to resolve the global financial crisis that has lashed nations and workers worldwide.

The protests in London's financial district - known as "The City" - began as Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Barack Obama held a news conference at Britain's Foreign Ministry elsewhere in the capital.

A battered effigy of a banker in a bowler's hat hung on a traffic light near the Bank of England as protesters waved signs saying: "Resistance is Fertile," and "Make Love not Leverage."

Bankers have been lambasted as being greedy and blamed for the recession that is making jobless ranks soar. Other banners read "Banks are evil" and "Eat the bankers," and "0 percent interest in others." Some bankers went to work in casual wear Wednesday fearing they could be targeted.

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  1. "The real menace of our Republic is the Invisible Government, which, like a great octopus, spreads its slimy length over the City, State, and Nation. And at the head of this octopus is the small group of Banking Houses, generally referred to as the International Bankers." --John F. Hylan, Mayor New York(1918-25)