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05 November, 2008

Anu Era Becomes More Evident!

2000ad was to have been the year in human history. The end was upon us. In some ways, maybe it was. Bush was inserted into the White House. The stage was set for war and the revocation of all things Constitution. But now, just under 4 years before the next end of the world, a new era begins. Racism thrives in many places in the United States. Just look around you, or listen closely, and you still hear the words "nigger" and "cracker", "spic" and sand-nigger". Yet, yesterday We The People (sort of. Electoral college, at least) voted in the first Black American president. Even though there is speculation as far as the racial identity of 2 of our firsts, this man is undeniably a black man.
My excitement is coupled with a tinge of fear. At the age of 30, I never had to cope with the assassination of a president the way my parents did when JFK was taken from his people in a complicated conspiracy to commit murder. I fear for the family of President Obama, and I fear for his own life as well. I appeal to the Neteraat in this day that he and his are protected from the tragedy I’m sure some are already planning, and many more fantasize about. Amuwn

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