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02 November, 2008

pardon the title please

I wrote this one day, bored, after getting a new dictionary. I just flipped it open, and randomly picked words to build a poem off of. I found it amusing, and at times disturbing how easy it was to create one that I could still stand by using that gimmick! I used the Webster's 11th addition Collegiate.

Alphabet blocks, or, Stroke My Dictionary 'til My Brain Matter Splatter
Flipping through the dictionary simply picking out words.
Building up the vocabulary to create the sickest rhyme you've ever heard.
I'll hit your brain with this probiscus.
Is it vicious, picturesque, or viscous?
I hope for the latter that I leave you with residuals.
Maybe your state of mind is that of a vicissitudinous individual.
I bestow limitless mercy; these verses to indemnify your psyche.
But no I'm not unique!
There are many more philogenticists just like me.
While you’re suppressed by life’s hysterics
I’m cross-cutting dynastic prevelations…
Wait is that last one even a word?
I mean I’m subjugating the here and now
with a time before the Revelations.
As you see, I’m well defined with or without my man Webster.
And, since I’m established as "free-cipher",
that makes me an independent variable
a spirit well know as being indefatigable
and like I and I to the patois deficient,
my cephalic calisthenics are inconceivable.
While the lowest ethereal escapists
Canonize without authority,
but rather respite or reprieve…
Goddamn How do I do this?
It’s my repose, see it’s noun peep 2b!
I’m sick with this it’s effortless dig how I do.
Open up the pages and stop at the letter Q.
My quantitative inheritance must be from the eloheem,
‘cause either I reign Supreme,
or it’s just a cerebro-mastubatory dream!

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