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01 November, 2008

New poem

All of my feelings are disappearing.
Medications have taken them away.
Cognition now a tedious thing.
Oh, and please….
Tell me what I did just yesterday?
I’m not surprised though,
that they’d diagnose and dose a god.
My body is growing weaker,
my mind is becoming fog.
Yet I should still take these goddamned pills,
and walk the streets of Nod.
If I don’t I’m like a Cherubim,
yet Seraphim I truly am.
To work out these ethereal quirks
is the only reason that I Am.
First stage of this,
I ran away, un-groomed, un-taught.
Them came the answers
carried on the wings of Ma’aat to sup with Thoth.
They saw me fly
heard me roar
watched me grow.
So they took my Will with Lithium,
in hopes I didn’t know.

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