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02 November, 2008

Dragnetting for a Savior, or, Should we take pills?

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on within my mind. It’s been what seems, to me, to be a bit stagnant. I’ve posted a lot of poetry, however most of the poems I consider to be of quality are old, and the new ones I post with not a small amount of shame. I don’t feel that they convey my thoughts properly. I’ve even gone so far as to blame medication and psychiatry. The truth is, this stagnation began a while ago, and there is none to blame but my own self. I had been weak and negligent when I should’ve been strong, and the those things manifested as pain; a pain which I medicated with street drugs, furthering the weakness and intensifying the pain. I became depressed and suicidal as I grew closer to the milestone age of 30, but the depression made me so lazy that I couldn’t even work up the energy needed to die. Thank the Neteru/gods for that!
So now here I am. I’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and placed on 3 meds (another trinity?), one of which I had to drop due to it’s side-effects, leaving me with a twice-a-day regimen of Lithium and Klonopin. These are the pills I condemn in my recent poetry, yet these same pills have allowed me to stop hurting. This reminds me of a Sunni saying that if the disease is on one wing of the fly, the cure is on the other. I’m unsure which is which at this point, which takes me back to my Anunnaqi essay. I thought it’d be better to come from a personal approach rather than a scholarly approach, as scholar I am not.
While sitting at the feet of my Teacher, we began with Islam. He taught me a bit of Arabic, and showed me the corruptions that were intentionally placed into it. The main thing I refer to here is that plurals were ignored when translating from the Farsi to the English. He then showed me how that also occurred in the Bible by teaching me a bit of Hebrew. (Note: I’m skipping TONS!) The word Allah is the same as the Hebrew El Eloh, which means something like "God, The Source. It is a Title, not a Name. He Showed me another thing; allahumma and eloheem, which are plurals of the same words aforementioned. We then got into the Babylonian doctrines and that is when I learned of the Anunnaqi, meaning "Those Sent to Earth From the Heavens By Anu." Anu means "on high, he who is above". This stays in direct line with the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim belief in a God who lives above us in the heavens somewhere, and also about the idea of angels. Malevolence and benevolence are choices they make in the faiths as well, however, these choices are set off by their nature, just as in humans. Though we can control most any complex we may be subject to, these complexes left unchecked are often the cause of disagreeable behavior.
The Bible talks of a number of people to be taken up to learn the secrets of the heavens and then sent to earth as teachers amongst the people. These are the 144,000. Many denominations are still waiting for this phenomenon. Haha, keep waiting. Oh lord, they want to be in that number, when the saints come marching in. Well, the rapture has BEEN happening, and the teachers are already amongst us. The ones who’d been sent to earth, and then left because we suck, have waited, and watched. Human DNA has markers in it, which Illuminati scientists call "junk". In that area of our essence which we are encouraged to pretend has no significance lies the deciding factor of who will go, and who will not. The rapture is for the elite, the sons and daughters of the Anunnaqi- Eloheem who will be the teachers of the masses who are still un-learned in many cases. They won’t be Jew or Christian, Buddhist or Muslim, Mormon or Mason: the 144,000 will be anyone who has the DNA of agreeable Anunnaqi, and who have not tainted themselves too badly with the indulgences of this world.
I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the whole thing, because it’s not really my place. Those books have been written, and it will be what it’ll be, and this isn’t as fun as what’s about to be typed. I have realized a conspiracy!
As a child, I had the normal experiences of being tested annually for aptitude and IQ and whatever else those elementary school tests are for. The test names I can recall are C.T.B.S… okay, test NAME I can recall. There are others though. I then had the abnormal experience of garnering much attention from guidance counselors and a special cat that ran something called "the gifted program". I had an IQ that is above George Bush’s alleged 125 by double digits, and I don’t mean 10. Smart as a whip as I was, I asked the "special guy" if there would be more homework in his class, to which he replied in the affirmative. I declined to participate. Man, fuck THAT. I hated school. Every part of it, even recess. I felt school was an adversarial setting, and I’m more for peace and harmony, though not always by participating in it. I just wanted to be left alone. Unhealthy as that sounds, I know why now. It’s because I was in mourning and didn’t want to be here; here on Earth. I hadn’t ask to come, I was sent, and I was sent because I was a hard-headed bastard and didn’t care for humans much. I have always wanted to see less of us on this planet. Even as a child I seethed with silent rage at the activities of man. This meant nothing to me until I read about the Anunnaqi. Enlil, or Lord of the Heavens, resented the creation of humans. However, Enki, Lord of Earth, interceded on behalf of our species with Their Father, Anu. He reminded that within the human was Anunnaqi genetics. Basically, he said let the drama unfold and we’ll see who’s correct in the end. Unfortunately, Enlil is winning, and the belief He held that we should be destroyed is validated on a daily basis. Look at us. We are bad news to this planet Her Self.
So I got tested, as did all the rest of the students. Now, I wonder why. From reading Paranoia magazine and other things that uncover clandestine governmental activity, as well as spending years studying with a Mason, I’ve come to believe that the tests are designed to find out who is and who isn’t a Child of the Anunnaqi-Eloheem (the agreeable ones). Once these beings are discovered on Earth, it is my theory that they are monitored and misled, possibly by stifling ability with psyche meds, to avoid a "savior" from ever appearing in the end times. Without a Saviors’ return, there can be no end to their reign! And what is a Savior but a sage, a Master Teacher, whom is able to reach out to the masses and cause the uprising against Roman culture? This savior could be you, or anyone of us. A Prophet and Master Teacher of these times has stated in 2000 that the savior was in the womb at that time. And now I’ve said too much. Peace

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