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15 November, 2008

Anunnaqi and You

Anunnaqi and You

Greetings of Peace to the Reader. My name is Nuwbunun (New-boo-noon) and this is my one of my first non-poetic posting.

I have so much to say, yet can hardly decide where to begin. The topic is controversial, and not just to the sheeples. It's one that causes discord amongst us "smart folks", and it seems that I'm in the minority as to my position regarding anything Anunnaqi. Lately, probably due to books like the Necronomicon's release in the '70s which makes the beings called "Anunnaqi" out to be demons, yet it isn't in the Gate Chants translations that the Anunnaqi are "terrible", rather it is always in the "glue" an author uses between them. The translations read more or less like any other scripture, and the transliterations read like any other western, wanna-be scholar has written, tainted by a Roman "good and evil" ideal. And now I'm just being mean. So, before I continue, I suppose it's only right that I share a bit of my credentials.

I had a .01 gpa in high school, which I maintained steadily until the day I was expelled. I've been strung out, homeless, and spent ample time in prison. I'm a published poet also. Pure luck, let me tell you. I have no resources to cite, and I won't go looking for quick snippets to justify my words and works. I have studied the Rosicrucion teachings from Rosicrucion books and a pre-initiate course, Freemasonry under a Mason, and Magic under both a Satanic Witch and 2 self-proclaimed Chaos Magicians. I've also been fortunate enough to study Islam under a born Muslim in America who begin his life in another country embattled by sectarian violence, Qabballah under a qabballist, the 5%er doctrine with a 5%er, N.O.I under an ex-member, and have had the dubious honor of learning numerous Masonic degrees from various orders from the aforementioned Mason. I'm an arrogant prick, and I am the resource material, sorry. I am an empath, have strong intuition, have visions and have no regard for the status quo. Oh, and the feds- when they tried to recruit me- say I have a great ability for pattern recognition. I suppose they know what they are talking about, since they noticed and ignored so many patterns at flight schools pre-9/11. I say all that to say this; You can't demonize an entire class of Inter-dimensional Beings just because it sounds good. In the past it sounded good to burn alleged Witches. There was a little event called the Crusades that shows what demonizing and self-righteousness can do for us as well.

I'd like to tell an Annunaqi story, based upon the oral traditions I'd received and some further study from a very special translation of the Enuma Elish, which seems to have fallen into a memory hole.. Sorry 'bout that. Blame the Anunnaqi. So anyway, The Gods had a plan, and that plan was simple. Come to Earth, then called Qi, and use the primitive beings that were upon Her to mine for a precious metal needed to repair their atmosphere which had become damaged in war. Their's was the planet Rizq, in the 19th galaxy called Illyuwn. Rizq is in a 3 Sun solar system. Think about how our 1 sun is burning our asses out now that our ozone layer has become deficient! Anyway, so these inter-dimensional beings come here to find humim beings, which They attempted to enslave and make them do work. Well, due to the lack of intellect, it was actually difficult to do it, so They began to experiment on a genetic level. There were many failures. Finally They got desperate enough to do something drastic; speed up our evolution by introducing Anunnaqi DNA into our own! Viola! The missing link! This expains things like latent abilities and higher senses, to me at least.

I don't claim to be a Master Teacher, and I may have shit all wrong, but it makes sense to me. We became Hu-man. Now, we demonize our Creators, Yes, as in all pantheons, there are Agreeable and Disagreeable players, but isn't that the case even in your own family?

There are many traits humans exhibit which science either can’t explain, or can yet denies the existence of. I refer to latent abilities many, if not all, of us have such as intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, and at least one other that I can’t think of. These abilities are due to a genetic marker embedded in the DNA of each of us, and even correspond to certain "useless" organs and glands which physicians are quick to remove. The main gland is one which is missing in many people; the barathary gland, which enables telepathy with one another and also with inter-dimensional entities, including but not limited to the Anunnaqi. The Bible makes an allusion towards this in the story of Enos, the first human being that was unable to communicate directly with "God". This was due to the removal of the gland. Clearly there was a genetic modification done as well, otherwise the gland would’ve resurfaced immediately in the generations that followed him. Point is, where did these abilities people have come from? The religions of the world, especially Judaism, Christianity, and Islam condemn the traits as the devil’s work. Science remains skeptical, yet some of us KNOW people who have one or more of the abilities! Why are they covered up? What is the status quo trying to conceal? I assert that to admit to the true nature of humans would be to admit to the flaws in religious doctrine and to the reality of our creation.

Someone asked me once if I thought the Anunnaqi are benevolent entities? I said both yes, and no. If it is true that they created us, then there is benevolence in the fact that we weren’t destroyed. Personally, I think that they have left us to our own devices as an experiment to see what happens. Earth is quarantined until we get over our base natures. The young have shown tremendous growth at times, and through our nurture some have regressed further into an animal like state. We’ve made the planet safe, with our seat belts and safety switches, so that now, even the weak and dumb survive. Our compassion for one another, coupled with being misled, have made us to lose focus on what’s important; the regaining of our higher Self to catapult our species off of this sphere and into an intergalactic federation. Maybe the year 2012 is the deadline, and we really will be destroyed for being stupid.

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  1. It's interesting how there are similar accounts of the same scientific creation of humans as you relate here. Similar story, different names.

    I believe there has to be something to it. If I was the boss of a space exploration mission for the purpose of finding resources necessary for my home world's survival, I'd put the native population to work also!