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16 November, 2008

On False Gods and Using Logic

One’s biggest oppressor is self. This often results in the deification of outside forces. Many deem others responsible for their plight, yet others have no true power. The power of becoming lies within. The power to build. The power to destroy. Just as we create our own boundaries, we can create our own way. The most formidable adversaries one has are those one deems to be superior to Self. Certainly, these outside forces will tell you that superiority dwells within them. They claim greater ability, station in life. They claim greater wealth, strengrh, and intelligence, making many intimidated. Or they become so impressed by their ability to live up to those claims, thus a fear is instilled of these forces.

This is deification, and this is the greatest folly of mankind. For many, the ability of Self is begun to be realized through faith and religion. However, in the wrong context, the following of religion can become yet another blockade in the process of the evolution of Self
Many enter into the institution of faith in the same manner as they had lived before that point. They begin to deify their sect or faction. They elevate prophets and messengers, scholars, priests, imams and rabbis and teachers, and so on. Now, rather than allowing one’s Self to self oppress, one deifies a religious figure. Of Course, when one does it in the name of god rather than money or power it is certainly easier to justify. However, the damage can be great, and sometimes irreversible.

Those who choose peace and freedom are often shunned, outcast, deemed heretic or innovator, and they become the focal point of the attacks of zealots. They are set out upon by all sides, to be dissuaded from their own cause. Dissuaded isn’t what the zealots call it, though. The call it saved.

The outcast claims to be correct, as does the zealot. So how do we know? In a time where all things are murky and clouded, how is one supposed to choose and trust in any way which is presented? Are we really expected to? When everyone has an argument, backed by so-called proofs, how is it that we are supposed to cling to any one way? In this time of chaos and confusion, what remains is to look inward, into ones self, for salvation. Is such an approach really punishable by eternal damnation? Certainly, if any one of these groups held a preciously unique gem of truth, I could see adherence. Yet, ALL of them build upon one factor of great magnitude: God. The definition of it differs from group to group in many ways.
One must certainly deal in the lowest common denominator; that all life has a point of origin described as God. Acceptance of this should lead to the question "Who is god?" Certainly believing that this god who existed before creation of the physical universe is to believe in a force and not a being. And consensus among those who believe in a god-source is that God is all knowing, all seeing, all wise. Many attribute a physical self to god. This is ridiculous. So, a physical being had, at one time, been free floating, alone and in a void, then just decided to create? This leads one to consider the question of where the matter which comprises this god comes from, which negates the belief that this god is the creative force and source of all matter. However, the contemplation of the universe, once reasoning is applied, can lead one to believe that the universe does have a point of origin. Even if one believes in haphazard developmental evolution, creation can become an easily accepted concept.

Many people delve into theories regarding the creator yet don’t even understand the creation. How can one better serve their creator-master than by understanding the realities of Self and its environment? To understand who you are may help you better understand why you are.
Scientists have decided that matter consists of certain units of substance called atoms. They have further discovered that atoms contain smaller parts called protons, neutrons, electrons, and nuclei. These are the basic building blocks of all things great and small. And, they then make up molecules which make up stuff. Combine a hydrogen molecule and two oxygen molecules, and you get water. Another combination and you get fire, and so on. Those things, you, me, plants and animals, are all made up of atoms which are the lowest common denominator in creation.. Though all created things differ in ways, but the most notable difference between humans and water is free-will. We believe in, and prove daily, our ability to make choices.

Choices… For a human , choices are multi-faceted. They can be constructive or destructive. They can make or break a person, as all choices result in reaction. But where do our choices come from? Many believe that spirit, our eternal essence, is what allows us to make choices, and that spirit comes form god. Some say it is created and totally separate from the creator. Others say it is the essence of god, "breathed" into us therefore making us an extension of god. Some say our spirit dictates our actions and that at some point all humans will be resurrected and gathered for a Judgment, the outcome of which depends upon the spirit during it’s incarnation period.

How can this be? How can we each be resurrected when nature shares matter? When I consume food, vegetable or animal, I consume the parts another creature was composed of.. I eat plants which have grown feeding on the matter of other decomposed matter, and in turn, when I die, my matter will decompose and be consumed by something else. Think about that. Understand Self.

There is a whole physical realm which we consciously exist in and should strive to understand. Instead, people consume themselves with the unseen, unknown, and unprovable. They do this to escape the realities which they allow to defeat them, because they deify so many things external. They hide from themselves, memorize and recite doctrines, and feel elevated. How does this serve that god? By ignoring the life one has. to strive for a live which is written of but not yet here, is neglectful. Neglected homes fall to ruin and become condemned. So do neglected lives.
Our society is so superficial and people know it. They struggle against themselves so as to be "unique". However there can never be uniqueness because of the lowest common denominator; atoms. Rather, by accepting our own nature, learning about it’s intricacies, and realizing absolutely that everything is connected, we gain footing and insight into life!

Of course, as creatures of free-will, our responsibility is greater than just knowing our physical nature. We must master our spirit. How? Learn Self. Stop trying to be, and become. What do YOU believe? Is it realistic, or romantic? Is it natural, or a ridiculous concept which opposes logic? Once a person gets over the lies and indoctrination, they become more sensitive and can feel what’s real. Within Self, the keys to the locked doors to understanding exist. Man, know thy self.

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