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15 November, 2008

Thought on learning disabilities

There seems to be a lot of learning disabilities these days. ADHD, ADD, and dyslexia just to name a few. As I sat at the feet of my teacher, we discussed these things in great depth.

One possible cause that we’ve considered for dyslexia is simply the fact that, unlike ours, many if not most eastern scripts were written right to left, as well as some being vertical! These are older cultures than the existing European and American cultures, and their writing goes back further than ours. Even the cuneiform is said to have began being read other than left to right, and only in the 3rd Century BCE did it become a left to right script. The theory is that it made it easier to write, though not necessarily to read. Basically, what I’m saying is that when the art of writing was developed, not taught as it is after development, people would have done it in a way that came NATURALLY, not in opposition to their nature. Frequently, as I’d mentioned, this was left to right, as in the Arabic and Hebrew. Now, children and adults suffer from the inability to read right to left, or simply view things backwards. Why? Could it be that their nature is rising and overpowering their nurture?

Another topic that bothers me is ADD and ADHD. There are as many theories as to the "problem" as there are pills. What if the answer is that, on a sub-conscious level, the children know it’s all bullshit. The human race is clearly changing. Could the inability to sit and take in the old fables of history and language arts be a sign that the old is out, and the new being is coming in? There is a saying in Islam that "every child is born in a state of fitrah (a natural state), but their parents make them [otherwise]" Is the ADD/ADHD phenomenon simply nature rebelling against nurture yet again? Man can suppress things all he wants, but in the end, nature always wins. I was taught that when we go against our own nature, we wage a war against Nature as a whole, and that is a war we can never win.

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  1. I think ADD/ADHD diagnoses are teacher driven. In the absence of boring teachers who drone on and on and who cannot stand to be ignored, I would venture to guess there would be hardly any ADD/ADHD kids.

    The easy answer is to not get better teachers, but to drug the students into submission.

    Fortunately I had very few boring teachers.