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14 November, 2008

This one goes out to a very special "friend" of mine. Enjoy it all until it falls!

Shrouded by Faith in the Light

Shrouded by faith in the Light,
she yokes the herd harshly with words.
Absurd parables of faith and glory
scoring high marks for the Queeny so preened,
believing in a comfortable thing.
Thematic theatrics like hat-tricks
see the herd fixated upon her Highness’ stern posture
of "love me".
The herd live for her whims
inherent losers abused
in the name of a faith
that holds no goodness.
A vampiric Light.
A Light that fears True Darkness.
Darkness is harmless to the bold
the strong.
The meek and weak sheep speak in hushed tones
when speaking of Her.
Her being the true meaning of she,
yet she turns her face
when called to embrace Her,
the Darkness.

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