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10 November, 2008

Paranoids On-Line Site Statistics

Paranoids On-Line is drawing more people now, thanks to all the work our blog authors are putting in!

Unique visitors is the important number. We're not interested in Page Loads and how many times one person refreshes the page.

As you can see by the numbers, Returning Visitors was up 85% in October (152) compared to September (82).
We also had almost 100 more New Visitors in October (602) than we did in September (507).

Let's keep up the good work! Thank you all!

Totals October
Page Loads: 1,440 Unique Visitors: 754 New Visitors: 602 Returning Visitors: 152
Percentage increase over Sept.: Unique Visitors 28%, New Visitors 19%, Returning Visitors 85%

Totals September
Page Loads: 1,179 Unique Visitors: 589 New Visitors: 507 Returning Visitors: 82

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