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11 November, 2008

In the Future, Armed Drunken Policemen will be Banned

It is the year 2050.

Off duty police officers are banned from boozing and gun slinging.

In this preposterous futuristic science fiction spaghetti western, er, ah, ….



This really happened today?

How about if you don’t hire raging alcoholics as policemen?


Sheriff to ban deputies from mixing drinking, guns

The sheriff of Los Angeles County plans to prohibit his off-duty deputies from carrying their guns while drinking because several have been accused in recent years of firing weapons while intoxicated.

Sheriff Lee Baca says there has been a disturbing rise in alcohol-fueled misbehavior among his deputies.

Since 2004, more than a dozen deputies have been accused of brandishing or shooting a gun while under the influence of alcohol. More than 60 have been arrested this year on alcohol-related charges, most for driving under the influence and most of them armed at the time.

The deputies' union opposes the restriction. Union leader Steve Remige says it would let criminals know that deputies who had put them away would at times be unarmed.


Wait a minute. In light of the fact that driving while under the influence is criminal behavior no matter who does it, let's rewrite that sentence:

“The criminals union opposes the restriction. Criminals Union leader Steve Remige says it would let law abiding citizens know that criminals who had put [their guns] away would at times be unarmed.”

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