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12 November, 2008

Black Lotus Petal 1

Black Lotus Petal 1
Dreams of Spheres
brought on by a Shaman sickness
thickened my mind
and opened it’s Eye.
This happened at 5
and folks wonder why
I’m a little bit different.
It isn’t for lack of trying.
I’m finding buying in
to the Law of Sin
so difficult.
It’s not my fault.
I didn’t choose.
I was chosen.
Believe you me,
had I a choice
this isn’t the path I’d have chosen.
When I attempt to stray
the walls close in.
I can hear the echoing laughter
of the all too close jinn.
They know they’re almost in
when I step off of my Destiny.
Waiting for that moment
when they can get the best of me
by wrestling me into a no win situation
where I’m facing total infestation.
So I withdraw back into the darkness
where my skill are flawless.
All the damage the light-bearers do
becomes undone
as they succumb to the Divine Silence…
Total Silence
from which the First Utterance was born into form.
The form from which came forth all things.
The Light becomes undone,
turned inside out
to be reborn from Darkness.

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