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18 November, 2008

a little essay brought on by insomnia

Faith vs Religion

Many people equate Faith with Religion. Were that the case, I’d be a religious man, and I’m not. Really, I despise religion. So many people are hurting, or hurt others, in the name of their religions. In Islam, I’d been taught that "faith is speech and action. Speech of the heart and tongue, action of the heart, tongue, and hands." It is also taught that "knowledge precedes faith". I deduce that the knowledge comes from being a part of a religion, by studying it’s doctrinal intricacies. Therefore, one doesn’t necessarily need faith to be religious, but one does need knowledge to have Faith. An old Sufi saying goes that one should pray "until they know for a surety". I take this to mean that once a person gets to a certain point, the religion should fall away, leaving knowledge-based faith rather than dogma and rhetoric.

Faith has no denomination or boundaries. Faith is actually more scientific, while religion itself is based upon blind following and discourages excessive knowledge which could bring the knowledgeable to usurp the throne, which is why it is discouraged that one should study "from the cradle to the grave, even as far as China." (old Islamic saying, now denied by the Saudi-backed Wahabbi sect and others)

In Faith, one can stand alone, however in religion the individual no longer exists. They become part of a fold, a non-entity. This must create a powerful group consciousness, and I think that this is what will push the world over the edge into what many expect; The End of Days. But mankind can’t destroy what he himself didn’t create, so it can’t happen. The wars can. The anti this, christ that can, but ultimate destruction? I doubt it. And if it does so be it. It won’t be "god", it’ll be a huge explosion and nuclear winter. Man as god will destroy shit. This, I have Faith in.

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