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17 November, 2008

OK, I'm going to need help here!

I just saw the interview John Stewart did with David Frost tonight on the Daily Show. 88 minutes of the 28 hours of the David Frost/Richard Nixon originally broadcast in May of 1977 have been re-released on DVD.

I looked around for the full transcript online, and I couldn't find it. So I'm looking for it, and I need help finding it. I saw the interview on TV when it first aired. There was a reason I wanted to watch... I wanted to find out if there was anything Nixon knew about secret military programs that would transpire through his words.

At the time I was not aware of what Jackie Gleason had once casually revealed to reporter Bill Knell at the Jolly Roger Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Gleason told Bill that Nixon arranged for him to see dead aliens in a box at MacDill Air Force Base.

What struck me during the Frost/Nixon interview is the part where Nixon, to justify all his actions, talked about the responsibility of being a US President... and that is the quote I am looking for... where he said: "You can't imagine the responsibility of having an excalibur, and not being able to use it."

Now that could mean anything, the atomic bomb, the force de frappe of the United States military... or it could mean something else entirely... namely a secret weapon, something almost mythic, reverting back to the Bible prophecy that Christ would return with a sword of fire!

Keep in mind that Nixon was in a tug of war with Howard Hughes, who built Area 51 with Van Tassell... an avid UFO buff who put on the Giant Rock UFO gatherings in the 50's. Howard Hughes had hired then environmentalist Barry Commoner to put an end to the nuclear tests in Nevada because it was shaking his Las Vegas penthouse.

Nixon was on the take from Howard Hughes, who gave him large pay-offs to stop nuclear tests. It's in fact what some have rumored what the Watergate break-in was all about, trying to find and destroy evidence that Nixon had received large sums of under the table money from Howard.

Howard Hughes brought Sikorsky from France to Connecticut, wanting to be his first customer of vertical lift off aircraft. Sikorsky and Gurdjieff were friends. Many of Sikorsky's personal writings speak of a spirituality in search of magic. Did they find something? Did they relocate the real future of flight to this then very secret base Area 51?

Was Nixon speaking of a very, very advanced aircraft? Capable of things no other aircraft of the day, and possibly even today, is capable of doing in the sky? I suspect so.

I can't remember the date, and here again I need help researching this. But Fortune magazine in the 70's or 80's released an issue with photographs from a ghost town called Delamar Idaho, where then, maybe still today, layed rusting away littering the landscape of this old abandoned silver mine boom town, the remains of aircraft nuclear jet engine test reactors, which, or so they say, the Air Force never went ahead and developed because of what may happen in case one of them fell back to the ground.

But think about it, it didn't stop them building an armada of nuclear submarines now poisoning the seven seas with a trail of radiation killing the oceans. So why not a fleet of nuclear powered flying ships? What would stop them from building top secret atomic aircraft? Is this what the UFO community, infiltrated and ridiculed, is in fact covering up, that our military is using atomic energy to power aircraft?

And how would this atomic energy be used? To make electricity to power force fields which in turn would lift these machines? Isn't that how magnetic levitation works? The only draw back is the lack of sufficient on board power to make such physics feasible.

We all know the Aurora is real. I personally overheard conversations between ground control and pilot of the Aurora during an emergency test system late night on television. Thousands upon thousands have seen these super silent, low and slow moving giant ships fly at night over Rhode Island and other parts of the world. Possibly large troop transport.

With Obama as our new president, Zbigniew Brzezinski is back in the White House. The founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller. Zbig is also the only man we know from any sitting administration to have actually publicly acknowledged visiting Area 51 in an interview with the Progressive magazine. I'm also looking for that issue.

In it Zbig said that after visiting the base, he now knew why the things he saw there needed to be kept top secret.

I grew up near the SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) outside Paris, where Robert Dean claims he was shown a report titled Cosmic Top Secret in 1963 (I was ten years old) about alien contact and deals with other intelligences in exchange for certain technologies, which is what others like John Lear, Bob Lazaar and many more have also claimed.

What if Zbig, who was at the Treasury dept. during the Nixon administation in 1973, at the time when he conceived the Trilateral Commission, the agenda tailored after his book Between Two Ages, greatly inspired by Gurdjieff's work on bringing the spirituality of the East with the technology of the West together.

What if the Trilateral Commission was in part created to keep UFO secrets from the general public, by muddling the trail... what if we have built some amazing flying ships, and are in so deep, suppressing certain energy conversion technologies for perceived, and possibly missconceived, national security concerns, that we have as a result, trashed the planet for nothing, and taken civilization to the brink of economical and ecological disaster.

Environmental lawyers have tried in the past to find out what's really going on at Area 51 representing workers there who had contracted fatal diseases from working at the base. But all sitting presidents, one of the first things they are given to sign, is a renewal of the pre-emption from investigation or prosecution of the base for environmental reasons, making Area 51 impervious to governmental and civil oversight... in other words, untouchable.

How will Obama fend in this instance? I wonder... If Carter and Clinton, and Reagan, and all other sitting presidents refused the American people and the world a peek inside the black world, a world it would seem Kuccinich knows only too well, only playing sentinel, how can we ever expect to save the planet from the ruin of oil, coal and nuclear?

This has been one of the motivating factors fueling the Disclosure Project, something I wrote about already a few years ago in a book called Universal Seduction. Until these questions are answered to the best of everyone's satisfaction, as long as doubt keeps lurking under the surface about our true military capability, we won't have the tools of restoration necessary to fix the mess we made burning fossil fuels and enriching uranium into the worse poison on Earth.

I need three things to make my case. So I'm asking all Paranoia magazine readers to help me in my investigation. I need the full transcripts of the Frost/Nixon interview to find the reference to Excalibur, which Tom Bearden interestingly enough used as the title of his opus book on free energy suppression! I need the date and a copy of the Fortune magazine article with photographs of the nuclear jet reactors rusting away in Delamar, Idaho. Or photos of them still there today, in case nobody bothered to clear them out, capitalizing on them as a tourist attraction.

And I need a copy of the Progressive magazine interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski where he described his visit to Area 51.

I think with these three peices of evidence, I can clearly demonstrate that the US government has been hiding giant man-made space ships at secret military bases around the world. It's no big fat secret anymore. The documentary Fastwalkers makes the case clear. If we are to save the planet for future generations, we need to come clean with all our secrets. The consequences of our continued silence could be much worse; atmospheric collapse, global nuclear contamination, poisoning of the seas, massive coastal flooding... Need I go on?

Ask yourself, ask your neighbors, ask anyone you know who has worked for special branches of the military, in black funded energy laboratories, where would we be today if the National Secrecy Act of 1947 had not carted off all the best energy conversion technologies to secret places to either be misused, or forgotten.

If there is to be a true revolution in this country, not just cosmetic for the media and to soothe populist fears, we need to deal with the suppression of energy technologies for military applications... and investigate the role the nuclear energy industry has played in assisting in the culture of suppression our government entrusted to them with back in 1947 when the Office of Strategic Studies became the Central Intelligence Agency after the influx of German intelligence through Project Paperclip.

We are living in a magical world of global communications with computers, and gadgets, and ipods... exiting President Bush said so himself today at the G20 conference... we live in a Star Trek world of technological marvels... and yet, we're still missing the prime ingredient, the Enterprise. We're still producing electricity to power all these machines by rubbing magnets against each other, at great expense to the biosphere, at the cost of the loss of millions of intelligent species, possibly some we haven't even been in contact with.

For years small press magazines starting with Factsheet 5, Paranoia, Infinite Energy, Electrifying Times, have investigated all these rumors and urban legend... Chris Carter got the idea to break each chapter of the Whole Earth Review's Fringes of Reason into what became the first season of the X-Files, sending shivers down our spine because it cut so close to the bone of our personal experience with this other world us "paranoids" live under.

We have a battle song, the old Black Sabbath tune... A rallying cry, like bag pipes in the morning fog. We have an amazing opportunity with a black president in the White House to re-align the balance of power. It will be a juggling act... millions have lost their jobs in the last few months, while Van Jones talks of a green economy for dissafected youth in the inner cities. We're not going to rebuilt our civilization with just wind and solar. Oil, coal and nuclear is paramount to societal suicide. So what's left?

What's left is waiting behind the gates at Area 51. What Howard Hughes, Sikorsky, Gurdjieff, Nikola Tesla and others put there long ago, for a time when humanity had matured enough to take on the responsibility of that technology. Childhood Ends... Enter the First Earth Battalion!


  1. Remy: "We are living in a magical world of global communications with computers, and gadgets, and ipods... exiting President Bush said so himself today at the G20 conference... we live in a Star Trek world of technological marvels... and yet, we're still missing the prime ingredient, the Enterprise. We're still producing electricity to power all these machines by rubbing magnets against each other, at great expense to the biosphere, at the cost of the loss of millions of intelligent species, possibly some we haven't even been in contact with."

    REMY, you are so Bob Dobbs. Bob simply refers to it all as ESP (McLuhan).

    Great post!

    My vote: Not paranoid at all! Just hyper awareness of the situation we're in and trying to make sense of the insensible.

    My guess is we will never resolve anything. This is the world of "effects" and not "causes" - something Gurdjieff and Ouspensky knew so very well.

    but of course I'll help you in your search.

    Back later with some news ...


  2. No one really knows what electricity is. It's sometimes a trick question on electrical engineering examinations. "Define the nature of electricity." The answer is simply, Tthe nature of electricity is unknown."

    All that can be really said is if we put certain chemicals slightly separate and then bridge them with a conductor (as in a battery) and run wires around an iron cylinder, the cylinder becomes magnetic and spins, thus we learned there is "power" and we use it, by not allowing it to be wasted by the spinning magnets. We called this power electricity. Originally all power was generated by chemical batteries. Then someone said, "Hey", what if we spun the magnets, would we get electricity, and not need the batteries?" It turned out the answer was yes! So they made steam engines and water wheels that simply spun magnets. That's all we do. We spin magnets and "generate" electricity. Yet, we still don't know what it is.

    Electricity is still a mystery.