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03 November, 2008

Some prose for ya

Egiptian Tarot
The Magus comes first, birthing life into a new Reading.
Ether swells and pulses.
Born of the Eloheem,
defender son of the morning.
Enki, in His Name, has brought magic and thought.
His grin belays a confidence and bolster
Pride lying within.
Interference is run by luxury,
often into the ground.
The landing can be hard or soft
It depends upon the hue.
She is of the moon
The Star lays upon His brow
The Magus of the start
But tell me what was in his Hand?
The weapons of War.
9 Lines of Defense
Whose weapons are more than abundant.
The Wheels of Fortune churn wisely, coming to a closeure
The Moon His Stars’ Guide, He seeks the answer to it all
His Chariot rides hard and fast
Oppression the End’s beginnin.

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