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18 November, 2008

Children of the Damned

There is no explanation possible for this one!

Except perhaps the film Children of the Damned.

Children of the Damned is a 1963 science fiction film, a sequel to the 1960 version of Village of the Damned. It is about a group of children, with similar psi-powers to the original seeding but with notable improvements upon their design and distribution.[1]

Children identified by a UNESCO research initiative into child development are gathered from around the world and housed in London for collective study. The children have extraordinary powers of intellect and are all able to complete a difficult brick puzzle within the same amount of time. Apparently, there were six children born from all around the world—China, the Soviet Union, India, Nigeria, the USA and the UK—who share this advanced intelligence.

British psychologist Tom Lewellin (Ian Hendry) and geneticist David Neville (Alan Badel) show an interest in Paul, the boy born in London. After a while, they realize that all six children were born without any fathers and are capable of telepathy.
After international and Cold War tensions lead world governments to return the children to their respective embassies, the children escape and hide out in an abandoned church in Southwark, London. The children take control of Paul's aunt to help them survive in the derelict church while the military debates whether to destroy them. The children have demonstrated the ability to mind-control, causing the deaths of several government officials and soldiers.

Lewellin urges the government to give the children a chance. He and a few scientists observe the difference between an ordinary human cell and the children's body cells. After a short while investigating the cells, a scientist postulates that they may be human cells—but more advanced by a million years.

When authorities try to take control of them, the children are compelled to protect themselves. The situation escalates into a final showdown between armed forces and the children.

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  1. What a freaky video - I LIKE IT!
    Thanks for posting this, Joan!