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17 November, 2008

Scott Ritter on Taking on Iran


Thank you for posting this video in your Of Donkeys and Men post below.

The Middle East WILL retaliate to any size nuke.

Pick which city you're willing to lose, people!

Seattle? Miami? Boston? New York?

Washington DC?


  1. Very scary. I do think we should bomb Iran, though - with Barbie Dolls & PLAYBOY Magazines, Bacon and Pork Rinds, Naked Mohammed Dolls having sex with 9 year old girl dolls (like he did!). It would drive the Mullahs crazy! Imagine, thousands of Barbie Dolls in commando outfits floating down on little parachutes!

    - Crazy in L.A.

  2. Can you imagine the religious police running around trying to gather up all that stuff? If would be funny.