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03 November, 2008

Misunderstandings of the Damaged One

Misunderstanding of the Damaged One
Last night, 20 foot Cobra fell from the sky.
When I awoke, it's meaning was revoked.
So now, amidst this sea of creativity I'm swimming
in I'm giving in as the memory of this dream is evoked.
Me and the Serpent hadn't spoke.
Only did I see it fall, land violently,
laying there stretched out straight,
20 feet of wisdom waiting silently.
I dare to perceive the number which is 20....
Or was it One? One Cobra?
Maybe 2? I and 1,
but that leaves more math to do.
Now I must fulfill the obligation to the cipher that remains.
Simply with that realization, mystery revealed, divinity proclaimed!
When I and one, one become as 2 then there is cipher.
Mind you, though deadly,
Cobra is no Viper. Cobra is Eye,
and I am NOT Viper.
Eye and I entwined,
2 in a cipher.
20 feet of cobra, which fell from the sky...
Though deadly, Wisdom's never viper.

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