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16 November, 2008

Ego, Oh Bitter Ego

I wrote this in reference to all the many writings of the fringe authors who keep citing each other as authoritative sources. I find it amusing that crazy writings cite other crazy writings and somehow gain acceptance just because they have many citations! Just because the nuts read each other and cite each other as references does not make their nutty assertions correct! Of course, no one could ever convince them such is so because their egos far outweigh the crap they spew!

It is their egos that rule them all. 

Nutfilled Bliss

They cite each other in gobbledy goop,

But n’er has one a real good scoop.

A cites B, and B cites C, then C cites D, who then cites E,

So E cites F, and F cites G, then G cites H, and H cites I,

And who is I, but none but A!

Then “THEY” proclaim “ This is what we say!”


They think it’s truth,

But none have sooth.

So in a circle, does the reference go,

For there within the lie to sow.

So what is what and who is who?

You’ll never know, Alas, Boo-Hoo!


The Ego plays-out for all to read,

Because Ego knows no thing but greed.

It yearns for self appraise and love,

And others, away, it shall always shove.

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