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03 November, 2008

Overstanding Dreams of Redemption

Overstanding Dreams of Redemption
A 2o foot serpent fell from the sky.
Landed dead on a desolate back-block,
laid out low on the same kinda block I used to get high.
At first I thought it was a Cobra,
and by the Neteraat I'd been forsaken.
No, it was an anaconda,
Praises be to the Most High that I was so greatly mistaken!
It's taken just short of 1 year for this dream's meaning to become clear.
As soon as I surrendered my burden, my dis-ease,
I found my time to ascend had been ever so near.
By midnight candlelight, my vision has cleared,
with ancient chantings recently overtaken
by the lame, the queer.
Strange tongues numbed,
sedate exhilaration of samadhi.
I continue to raise vibrations to Orion
until the day I’m released from this body.

Nuwbunun The Black Lotus 10/21/08 ( this poem is the overstanding of "Misunderstanding The Damaged One"
Dig the process of clarifying within Self!)

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